Congratulations! The Best Paper Award 2021!

Behavior pattern recognition based on convolutional neural network with grid search algorithm using accelerometer and gyrosc
JunHyuk Kang, Yeseul Lim, Ahyoung Choi


IoT system design for irrigation distribution grid power quality improvement
Mohamed Osama Answer, Omar Samir Saleh, Ahmed Abd Elaziz Elsayed, Mohamed Abdel Azim Nayel


Development of Digital Twin Model for Cart-Pendulum Systems
Yujia Zhai, Sanghyuk Lee, Pengfei Song, Quan Zhang, Kejun Qian, Ruilin Wang


8-bit Chipless RFID Tag with Humidity Sensing Capability
Junho Yeo


Audio Quality Restoration Method using Convolutional Neural Network
Hong-Jin Kim, Kyuman Jeong