Cebu island, Philippines

January 15 ~ 18

International Symposium on Innovation in Information Technology and Application

Cebu island, Philippines | Date : January 15 ~ 18

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  • Conference: January 15~ 18, 2024.
  • Participation application: November 1 ~ 30, 2023.
  • Extended Abstract submission(1~2 pages) : November 30, 2023.
  • Acceptance Notification: November 30, 2023.
  • Final paper submission(4~ pages): December 20. 2023.
  • Registration: November ~ December. 20 2023

Chari Cheng

Professor, the Associate Dean at De La Salle University’s College of Computer Studies.


Navigating Al’s Potential:
Choosing the Right Use Cases for Innovation and Growth.



In the pursuit of leveraging AI’s potential, a critical question emerges: “Where can we strategically apply this transformative technology for optimal results?” This presentation delves into the strategic deployment of AI within business contexts, offering a blueprint for identifying key use cases. Our focus centers on responsible AI adoption, demonstrating a steadfast commitment to job preservation, facilitating reskilling initiatives, and contributing to societal advancement.




Chari Cheng currently serves as the Associate Dean at De La Salle University’s College of Computer Studies. Additionally, she holds the position of co-founder and head of Research at Senti AI. Her professional expertise centers on Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning. Her work is primarily focused on developing computational resources that facilitate the processing of text written in Philippine languages.  Her work on Philippine NLP started in 2003. Notably, she openly shares several of these tools through various repositories to benefit the wider Natural Language Processing community.

The topics include, but are not limited to​

Information and Communications Systems
 – USN
 – Telecommunication Systems
 – Multimedia
 – Digital Signal Processing
 – Mobile/Wireless Communications

Biomedical information Science and Technology
– u-Healthcare
– Wireless/mobile healthcare system
– Computational Health Informatics
– Biosensors
– Rehabilitation Engineering & Assistive Technology


Industrial Electronic Systems
 – Nano Technologies
 – Robotics
 – Embedded System
 – Power Electronics
 – Sensors and Control

Management Information Systems
– Data Governance
– IT Project Management
– Electronic Commerce
– Financial Management
– Information Security
– Software Engineering
– Business Process Management
– Multimedia Business Applications

Nano Electronic materials and Device
– Nanomaterials and Nanocharacterization Area
– Quantum Electronic Material and Device Area
– Functional Molecular Materials and Devices Area
– Engineering Science for Advanced Device Area
– Quantum Optoelectronic Devices Area
– Organic Electronic Device Area
– Biosystems and Devices Area



Computer Application Systems
 – Web Mining
 – Artificial Intelligence
 – Intelligent Interaction
 – Visualization
 – Computational Theory
 – Web-Applications
 – E ⋅ Learning
 – Data Mining and Ontologies
 – Computer Graphics and Vision