Call for Sponsorship

ISIITA 2022 welcomes sponsorship from companies and organizations who wish to exhibit their products or services. The details are as follows.

About ISIITA 2022

The International Symposiumon Innovation in Information Technology Application(ISIITA) 2022, the world’s premier networking forum of leading researchers in the highly active fields of information technology application, will be held in Jeju Island, Korea. The ISIITA 2022 will include oral and poster sessions as well as tutorials given by experts in state-of-the-art topics.

IT experts, researchers, and practitioners from each field are invited to share ideas and research technologies; moreover, encouraged to cooperate with each other to overcome the confronted technical problems. As a result, this conference will become a place of knowledge where a variety of effects can be created.
We are proud to invite you to the city of Jeju Island, which is a perfect setting for the Joint Conference. We truly hope that you will have a technically rewarding experience as well as some memorable experiences in Jeju Island.

It is our hope that your participating in ISIITA 2022 will be a rewarding experience and that you will get a chance to meet other colleagues working in the exciting area of industrial information systems. We are all looking forward to seeing you in Jeju Island, Korea.


Sponsorship Packages

Thereare three corporate support levels available for the sponsors to derive exclusive benefits from ISIITA 2022:

1.Basic Corporate Supporter (USD 1000)

Your company gets access to the following benefits:
*Your company’s logo appears on both ISIITA 2022 websites.
*Your company’s logo is printed on the event materials which are distributed to the attendees of theevent.


2.Elite Corporate Supporter (USD 2000)

Give your company’s logo and products additional exposure by becoming an Elite CorporateSupporter. As well as all the benefits of Corporate Support, your company’s promotional materialappears in the forewords of ISIITA 2022 printed as part of the conference proceedings in softcopy. (Your promotional message may be up to three lines on A4 paper.)


3.Premier Corporate Supporter (USD 3000)

Becoming a Premier Corporate Supporter gives your company the most extensive advertising access to conference attendees. You will get all the benefits of Elite Corporate Support and in addition:

*The name of a company representative appears in the list of authors for ISIITA 2022 forewords, printed as part of the conference proceedings in softcopy.

* Double the space – up to six lines – for your company’s promotional material in ISIITA 2022 forewords.

For further information on any topic related to corporate support for ISIITA 2022, please contact We will be delighted to answer any queries you may have.