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Warm oceanic climate. Island dotted coast. Brilliant night lights. Nestled between verdant mountains, Yeosu has small town charm with big city potential. This hidden gem on the southern coast of South Korea is on the verge of becoming a world-class vacation destination.

An archipelago of over 300 islands connected to the main peninsula by a series of bridges and causeways, the city of Yeosu is a collection of unique districts, ancient temples, and natural beauty. Thrown into international spotlight as the host of the 2012 World Expo, this seaside town is home to brilliantly lit architectural bridges, volcanic black sand beaches, and rich maritime history. Walk the flower lined streets of downtown, hop on the Korail to explore inland, or tour the vast chain of islands. Visit Odongo Island, a beautiful islet with over 70 species of wildflowers, a walkable breakwater, and a lighthouse that offers stunning views of the harbor. Take a bus up Yeongchwisan Mountain to Hyangiram Hermitage, a beautiful cliff side temple surrounded by a maze of paths that wind through caves and under lush foliage.

Ride the Yeosu Maritime Cable Car across the harbor to Dolsan Island and take in panoramic views of the city. Visit a market and grab picnic essentials for a lovely afternoon in one of Yeosu’s many parks, or pad around the city’s different neighborhoods to try some authentic Korean cuisine. Western food is hard to come by, but you won’t miss it with specialties like spicy and sour sashimi lettuce wraps (Hoe) and mustard leaf kimchi (Gat Kimchi). As the sun sets, stop into a seafood restaurant or romantic café near the brightly illuminated Dolsan Bridge and take in the cityscape. Korean cities are famous for their bright candy colored lighting at night. Cap off a wonderful day by climbing up to the top Dolsan Park to soak it all in.